Activities & Facilities

  • Activities
    • Training towards safety and hygienic
    • Modified curriculum based on the strength and weaknesses of particular child
    • Language Skills
    • Reading and Writing skills
    • Time & Basic Monetary concepts
    • Speech Therapy
    • Behavioral Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Psychosocial intervention for parents
    • Parental counseling for handling the children
    • Guidance and Vocational Training
    • Yoga & Medical care by Qualified Doctors
    • Sports and Physical excellence
    • Childrens participation in the process of farming vegetables and fruits within the campus and many other objectives.
    • Gross Motor Skills
    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Activity Daily Living

  • Facilities

  • Transport

    Door to door pick up and drop service.

    Transport is provided, to and fro, for the students from particular points.

    Education Center

    The main building is the Education Centre surrounded by Long Tennis Court, landscaped garden and playground.

    DATAR provides modern class rooms with pleasant color and ample day light giving welcoming and stimulating environment as per the concept of Rehabilitation Council of India and also provides plenty of educational toys and games.

    All the activities in the education centre are closely monitored on close circuit T V so that DATAR can make individual education program based on each child's behavior.

    The detailed assessment to make IEP of the child is done by Special Educator, Psychologist, Therapists and Doctor if necessary

    Indoor Games

    DATAR has provided plenty of indoor games like carrom, chess including video games which are educational and interesting for the special children.

    Outdoor Sports Field

    The open land in the center is about 50 thousand Sq. feet which is the open sports field for outdoor sports like football, cricket, cycling etc. Along with it there is huge Long Tennis court of seven layers made as per international standards. All the sports have been chosen to increase physical endurance, reduce hyperactivity and to enhance team work and group coordination among the children.

    Music Classes

    A music teacher is appointed especially to teach indian music to the children having ear for music and those who are interested in music. Learning music with classmets is a wonderful experience for the children and they enjoy music. DATAR belives to inculcate the hobby of music which can be developed in future.

    Yoga Center

    Datar's Yoga Kendra is located, which is a natural shelter, under the shadow of 50 years old Mango Tree, with 1000 sq.ft stone made platform with a height of 2 feet from the ground level

    It is kept open so that students get closer to nature and child can touch the earth, feels the air and senses the nature while doing Yoga. DATAR believes that combination of nature and healing power of yoga enhances and improves the physical, mental and emotional control on stability of the Child. It helps in achieving self control over mind, body and emotions. Professional yoga teachers will guide the child in the right path.

    Sensory Stimulus Garden

    DATAR has a beautiful Garden having variety of flowers, plants and lot of trees. Children can observe growth of plants and fruits. Children enjoy gardening, plucking flowers and fruits from trees and get themselves involved in activities such as watering, cleaning and bowing seeds. Garden has ample scope for children to develop their fine motor skills, senses of balance, abstract thinking and perception. Gardening enhances the co-ordination between the body and the brain and improves perceptual skills and develops a sense of team spirit, group dynamics and social behavior.

    Art and Handicraft Classes

    An Art makes our life loveable and interesting. The children having multiple talents like drawing, painting can develop their skills and exibit in different cultural program and in different event, which makes them feel better and boost up their morals.

    Home Science Classes

    Eating good tasty food being first choice of every human being, many children have inclination to cook,DATAR provides well equipped kitchen loaded with modern kitchen appliances, provides grocessary and other food items to encourage cooking, so that children becomes self reliant as they know to cook and can self help.


    Various sports activities within school takes palce on regular basis as part of curriculam. Encouragement is given for participating in inter school competitions held at different places on different occassions.

    Computor Room

    A well equipped computer room is provided to the children to get basic knowledge of computer. The children having interest in computer can learn advance computer courses.

  • Unique facility
  • Way of Financial Independence

    Datar Institute offers facility of suitable employment in the factory located in same premises of Datar & Sons Exports India Pvt Ltd to the students after completing their education and completing his/her age of 18 years. The job may be fixed up as per the capacity of the student to take him to way of independence.

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